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Corporate Workshops

Changing Mindsets through powerful delivery of content. This is the key in enabling people to get engaged, open-up,and move towards the idea of “change”. Through our Flagship Programs we design unique indoor/outdoor activities, to enable people to come out of their “comfort zone”. All our activities are original and relate to the real-world, session enables participants to :

  • Team-bonding and connecting with people.
  • Increasing Trust and strengthening relationships for higher productivity.
  • Breaking silos: within and between teams/departments/locations.
  • Understanding team roles and interpersonal-dynamics.
  • Accountability and using feedback as a developmental tool.
  • Cohesiveness; Empathy and its impact on interpersonal relationships.
  • Getting rid of “blame games”; taking ownership and responsibility.
  • Communicating assertively, eliminating group think, and delegating tasks.